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Display Imaging for the Holiday Lighting


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e-Mail: Jinglebumpers@gmail.com

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    • Standard VO script up to ~100 words including display name and radio station 

    • (Turn off your lights, be courteous, no loud radios, etc.)

    • Starting at $25

    • Custom VO Script – (up to 100 words including more information about your display, Request for Donations, etc.)

    • Starting at $30

    • Each Additional 50 words  $5

    • OPTIONAL Lyric Track = $15



  • Standard 1-Liner Bumpers $5

  • CUSTOM 1-Liner Bumpers $10

  • CUSTOM Other Bumpers Contact for pricing

  • OPTIONAL Lyric Track  – Starting @ $10

 Short Clips Of Signature Or Theme Music  Used To Buffer Transitions Between Sequences, Etc.

(Coming Soon)

  • (Display Imaging With Custom Script, Audio, Etc.)

  • IM For Pricing.

  • This Is Unique To YOUR Display And Distinguishes You From Others.

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